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April 2007

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Romance Isn't dead...

When the young ones come up to me ask me advice on love and romance, I won't advice them to look through poetry books or tell them stories of what I've learned from experience or from watching others. Why do that when I can just play this song?

Bounce by Timbaland (First stanza and chorus)

"Let me see them big -------s, don't act saddity you ain't pretty
Break bread if you wanna get wit' me, all I wanna do is dig off in them kidneys
Tell ya boyfriend he better mind his business, 'fore he end up in the trunk of my Bentley
I am still a boss, he can't hit me, he ain't got enough paper to deal wit' me
Baby girl wanna two step wit' me, turn around rub ya --- up against me
Whoa, lil' mama done got tipsy, and then tonight, tomorrow you're history
All you haters wit' that hoe s--- miss me, I stay strapped security don't frisk me
Set it off 'til this m--------- empty, I turn around do the same s--- next week
Come on

[Chorus: Timbaland & Justin Timberlake]
Bounce (like yo' --- had the hiccups)
Bounce (like we was ridin' in my pick-up)
Bounce (why you lookin' so sad? baby girl you need to cheer up)
Bounce (I got the remedy, it's you on me and me on you
And you on me and me on you and you on her
Then her on me and her on you and y'all on me
Then me on y'all and y'all on me
Menage a trois, menage a tr-uh-uh)"



And it just gets worse from there. I heard this on the way to work for the first time and I couldn't help bust out laughing. There are some great songs on this album and this song caught me way off guard. The sad thing is I know this song will be sung by every teen by the time summer hits.

Romance isn't dead... it's just on cocaine right now.

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend.


Wow that is truly awful.
LOL Rap is silly.
*WAVES* Hey :) thanks for keeping me company in NYC on Friday :)