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April 2007

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Had trouble sleeping last night. I was rummaging through old paperwork and I found some old poems I haven't seen in years. So guess what I'm going to share!

These two are translations. I'm sure you can easily find the original version online or better yet, and this might some strange, a library! :P

Venus (I Saw You Thus)
(by Federico Garcia Lorca)

The young lady lies dead
in the shell of her bed,
stripped of flowers and light winds,
raised in perrenial light

All the world remains
a lily of cotton and shadow
briefly seeing out the windows
the infinite changes

The young lady lies dead
from within her abused love.
Her hair is now lost
between the foam of her sheets.

Black Rock On White Stone
(by Cesar Vallejo)

I will die in Paris with heavy rain
In a day which I have in remembrance
I will die in Paris - and shall not run
Maybe on an autumn Thursday, as it is today

It shall be a Thursday, for as I prose
These verses today, my bones are forced
To blush. In all the ways I have turned
I've seen myself again, alone.

Cesar Vallejo has died, I have done
No wrong to all who have hurt me
With sticks they hit me hard

And with ropes they come. The only witnesses
Are Thursdays, the roads, the loneliness,
The rain, and my red bones.


Wow these are wonderful!

The first one is so sad, but paints such a beautiful, haunting picture.

The second is bitter, and haunting as well. The repetition of Thursday is intriguing, as well as the red bones.

Did you translate these as an assignment, or for your own edification?


If I remember correctly, it was my midterm project. My assignment was to translate four spanish poems and write a small paper about the process. I chose that assignment because originally I was thinking of doing my thesis on the poets of the Spanish Civil War and I felt doing this would give me a chance to research that idea some more.

I'm glad you've enjoyed these old writings and I enjoy reading your responses. There's another one I'm planning to put up tonight that was originally in Contours, and I wouldn't mind "hearing" your critique on it. :)

By the way, Cesar Vallejo did die in Paris in 1938, on a Thursday night/Friday morning. And yes, it was raining.

Re: Reply

Irony, thy name is fate. :)

For the record, Kyle's MY GL.
Wally's my flash. Tim's my Robin. Ted's my Beetle.

And there will always be one Booster Gold.
When I picked up GL for the first time, it was when John Stewart took over for about 20 issues. That's how old I am :P

How's it going? We gotta hang soon and plan more things for the site. Give me a call if anything.

And I hate the new Flash.
LOL. I was into comics when John/Guy/Hal were all in the game, and there was a corps, but didnt care much til Kyle took over.

As for the Flash, the last 2 issues have been a HUGE IMPROVEMENT, but if it's suppose to be a new Flash, writr him like a new Flash. Bart would have been perfect as a Flash who was closer to his JL/JLU counterpart.

We had a mini meeting on Sunday night, and Mario SHOULD have emailed you the transcript by now, but yeah, Im working on 44th and 5th, so we should do lunch at the very least.